No project too large, no series too small – Our Range of Services

The range of our services spans from the manufacturing of small series and individual parts to ready-to-assemble components and large-scale projects. Additionally, consultancy and innovative toolmaking are integral parts of our repertoire.

We complement conventional forming techniques such as pressing, punching, and deep drawing with modern joining methods, including resistance welding, robot-assisted TIG and MIG welding, clinching, and CNC orbital riveting. The integration of plastic components completes our manufacturing spectrum.

Our clients value our support from the early stages of development. We actively engage in planning and design to optimize products and develop alternative materials or joining processes.


Process Development

In the development of tailored processes, quality, precision, and flexibility are always our top priorities. To ensure individual and seamless data exchange with our clients, our employees work on state-of-the-art CAD workstations. Our programs include Catia, Autoform, Inventor, as well as VisiCAD. We offer tactile measurement of components and groups.

Through reliable early supply management, we can provide comprehensive support to our customers already in the development phase. When implementing complex forming geometries, processing new materials, and applying alternative process technology, we are always available for consultation.

If necessary, we can derive conclusions on manufacturability and subsequent production through early simulation of the forming process. Once again, it is the seamless quality assurance from the beginning that ensures our high quality standards.


Tool Design And Tool Manufacturing

Outstanding products require exceptional tools. They significantly contribute to the outstanding quality and cost-effectiveness of our formed parts. That's why we prefer to handle tool design and toolmaking in-house.

Our dedicated employees tailor their work to individual customer requirements, providing advice on optimal geometry selection. This approach ensures a particularly cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality production process. We're happy to offer consultation from the inception of your project and share our engineering expertise with your development department.

At TEMETIC, we understand that with good and comprehensive planning, significant savings can be achieved. That is why we already determine around 90 percent of a product’s costs during the design phase.



You have an idea - we find the solution. With our prototypes, we test the feasibility of individual components in advance and can optimize products if necessary. Depending on our customers' requirements, we manufacture hand samples and prototypes following the future mass production of the products.

Our extensive experience, precise machinery, and selected suppliers enable us to produce hand samples and prototypes according to your preferences in the shortest possible time. Simply reach out to us!


Tool Transfer and Tool Relocation

From experience, we understand that production must run as smoothly as possible, without interruptions, to be economically successful. Therefore, TEMETIC also takes over tools from other suppliers when they encounter production issues.

Our project team examines and evaluates projects from other suppliers for feasibility and prepares them for adaptation to our own production processes as much as possible. This minimizes relocation and downtime and prevents supply disruptions.

We not only take on projects that our competitors cannot produce but also enable short-term production runs when a product is nearing discontinuation. We see ourselves not only as outsourcing partners but also as problem solvers, ready to support you with our expertise even in challenging situations.