Adding Shape Is Adding Value – Our Products

In 1923, TEMETIC produced its first part at the Rudersdorf plant. Today, spanning over 10,000 m2, our facility manufactures premium products serving diverse industries such as automotive, refrigeration, household appliances, construction, and office furniture.

Employing classical forming techniques like pressing, punching, and deep drawing, alongside contemporary joining methods, we craft individual components and intricate, ready-to-install assemblies.

Our versatile production facilities empower us to execute various manufacturing processes, ranging from prototyping and small-scale series to large-scale international orders with just-in-time delivery. Throughout our operations, a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence in quality and precision remains at the forefront.

To uphold our quality standards, we have implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system. Equipped with meticulously calibrated measuring devices and precision instruments across all production sectors, we ensure the consistent fulfillment of our exacting quality benchmarks.


Press Technology

TEMETIC offers an extensive and state-of-the-art press technology machinery park. Located at our Wilnsdorf facility, we utilize table lengths of up to four meters, providing ample space for large-scale projects.

Our highly skilled workforce operates premium stamping machines with conveyor systems and specialized large presses, allowing us the flexibility to handle even the most demanding production of formed parts and assemblies.

Additionally, we are delighted to offer expert consultation on the feasibility of stamping parts and specialized assemblies.


Deep-Draw Technology

For deep-drawn parts, we utilize hydraulic presses among other techniques. With this method, our employees manufacture casings, filter covers, as well as covers for pumps, compressors, pressure vessels, and food-grade drinking water containers.

One advantage of deep-drawing technology lies in the coverage or encapsulation of parts. If certain areas of a product need to be separated, encapsulation can reliably achieve this. Additionally, it is possible to create a connection between two elements of deep-drawing technology, for example, to produce a self-contained enclosure or container - a distinct advantage over other technologies.


Assembly And Component Manufacturing

We are pleased to supply you not only with individual components but also with assemblies. With decades of experience in assembly and component manufacturing, we are proficient in various welding techniques, clinching processes, as well as riveting processes, and excel in processing carbon steels, stainless steels, and aluminum.

At TEMETIC, our specialized expertise allows us to expand stamped parts individually and add additional components, including those made of plastic. With our component manufacturing capabilities, we deliver flawless, ready-to-install products that provide our customers with added value.


Surface Treatments

TEMETIC offers a wide range of surface treatments, including:

  • Zinc Coating
  • Zinc-Nickel Coating
  • Zinc Phosphating
  • Pickling
  • Electropolishing
  • Cathodic Dip Coating (KTL)
  • Powder Coating
  • Delta Seal
  • Delta Tone
  • Rilsan

In addition to treating blank surfaces, we also process pre-painted and coated materials. Surfaces treated by us are fully corrosion protected. Continuous visual inspections ensure the highest quality and optimal results. Many of the products manufactured by TEMETIC are used as visible parts with sophisticated surfaces, for example, in the luxury motorhome sector or for heaters, refrigerators, and other household appliances.



TEMETIC manufactures watertight, food-safe, and potable water containers. Our high-quality containers are designed to hold liquids and gases, providing reliable insulation in both warm and cold temperatures, and can accommodate cooling or heating requirements. Pressure equalization within the container systems is also possible.

We customize all containers according to the unique requirements of our customers. We can work with all weldable materials, depending on the intended application of the containers.
Containers from TEMETIC are:

  • acid and alkali resistant
  • temperature resistant
  • high pressure resistant

Our containers and assemblies are manufactured complete with all necessary components such as piping systems and flanges, and can be custom-integrated at our customers' sites. Reliability and quality are of utmost importance to us. Therefore, our containers can undergo various tests and obtain necessary certifications according to your requirements. Naturally, we adhere to all hygiene standards.