Bending Metal
Towards Future.

High-Quality Cold Forming And Optimal Cost Efficiency

We channel our expertise and decades of experience into crafting customized products in the field of modern cold forming.

Our excellently trained employees and innovative technology enable us to consistently deliver uncompromising quality and let our customers’ individual ideas take shape.


Our Competencies
At One Glance:


Machinery Pressing force Part geometry

7  Automatic punching presses
3  Hydraulic presses
3  Eccentric presses

25 – 630 to.

Sheet thicknesses: 0.4 – 6 mm
Part size: up to 650 mm
Drawing dephts: up to 170 mm

Materials Tool technology Technologies
  • Stainless steel
  • Seawater-resistant steel
  • Deep-drawing steel/micro­alloyed-high-strength steel
  • Copper, aluminium and
  • brass alloys
  • Progressive tools
  • Transfer Tools
  • Forming tools incl. lateral surgeries
  • Bolt and nut feed in the tool
  • Thread forming in the tool
  • Cleaning and degreasing
  • Welding (MIG/MAG)
  • Welding (WIG)
  • Nut welding
  • Resistance welding (incl.100%  camera inspection)
  • Coating ktl


TEMETIC is part of the


Your Benefit: Outstanding Efficiency At All Times

We help our customers save costs and time by taking on projects from competitors if they can no longer guarantee flawless production. Additionally, we facilitate short-term production runs when a product is nearing discontinuation. By also operating tools from alternative suppliers as necessary, we prevent disruptions to our customers' supply chain and optimize the economic value of each project. Our commitment ensures that production lines remain operational without interruption.


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Cutting-Edge Technology
and Extensive Expertise


Process Development


Tool Design




Tool Relocation And Transfer


Quality Management


About us:

TEMETIC is an internationally operating company specializing in top-quality products in the field of modern cold forming. Since its founding in 1923, our factory has been located in Wilnsdorf. Here, our skilled workforce utilizes modern machinery to produce press, punch, and draw components for the automotive, household appliance, and office furniture sectors.


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